Corona virus has flopped all our travel plans. Travelling in India now (December 2020) is possible and things have opened. Most of the tourist places have started flooding with people. And the coronavirus still hasn’t vanished. Do we really need to travel during covid-19? Here are some of the things a traveller should keep in mind before starting his journey.

Why hurry now.

We waited for more than 4 months to travel. So can’t we wait a few more months? The vaccine is here and till it is distributed, it will take some time. Why take risk when the battle is about to end? Let’s first defeat the corona virus and then travel as much as we want freely.

Coronavirus hasn’t gone yet.

Although the number of cases has decreased now, the virus has not vanished completely. There is still a chance of another wave hitting us if proper precautions are not taken. So, we better stay home safe rather than travelling around India and meeting people who could actually have the virus.


Plan your future trips.

Make your time at home useful and plan trips for the places you look forward to visiting. Make itineraries for all those destinations so that you have everything ready in place.

Avoid travelling to popular tourist places.

Till the virus is gone, avoid crowded tourist places. You do not know if all people there are taking proper precautions or not. Rather, travel to calm, peaceful places in nature with minimal human interactions. 

Before planning your travel, read these guidelines from Government of India regarding travel restrictions (updated regularly).

Support local businesses

Although travelling India during covid-19 is not a good idea, if in any case, you are travelling, please support local businesses. Stay at a guesthouse or eat at local restaurants that were shut for a long time. They too are just opening and have to recover their losses.

Avoid Public transport.

As far as possible, drive in your own vehicle. Public transport is not very hygienic in India and it could turn a nightmare for you. Also, the overcrowded public services are the last place you want to be in this pandemic situation. 


Flying has become expensive.

You read it right. The pandemic has made air travel much more expensive. So, if you are going for a foreign trip, you will need to shed out some extra bucks for your plane tickets. Apart from that, you will need to keep your mask on for the whole flight duration. That’s pretty hectic, but also important!

Safety first.

Wear a mask all the time and keep a bottle of sanitizer with you. Sanitize your hands regularly. Stay safe and keep the people around you safe. 

Finally, I would suggest you that we have waited so long to travel. Now is the last level. Travelling India during covid-19 is not a good idea. Wait for a while! Let the pandemic be over and then we will rise again and travel to our fullest. Stay home, take care!

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