The simple meaning of workation is work with vacation. Workation allows you to work from remotely, at the same time enjoy your vacation and keep exploring. Workation has recently gained popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have had great impact and people prefer to stay at a much quieter place for the time being. Also, who would want to stay within 4 walls when you can do all the regular work at a much nicer place. Finally, people have started taking ‘work from home’ to ‘work with vacation’. In this article, I share with you the top 10 places for workation in India.


Things to consider for a perfect workation:

  • Good internet connectivity
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Stay of more than 15 days.
  • Choose the right accommodation
  • Proper meals available
  • Affordable
  • Proper sanitations  

Top 10 workation places in India:

1. Kullu /Himachal


The number 1 spot for workation in India is the Himachal. Most people stay in Manali, but I would suggest staying near Manali, maybe Kullu or Mukteshwar. The reason is Manali is already much crowded. Staying but outside would not only lower the cost, but also give you a local feel of the place. You can visit places from here whenever you want to. Work from your balcony overlooking the icy peaks. Wouldn’t that be great?

There are a lot of options for stays around Himachal. Some places may not have good internet connectivity, figure that out first. 

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2. Coorg


Imagine setting your work desk in the middle of coffee plantations. That’s Coorg for you! Covered with lust green coffee plantations all around the hills, this can be a perfect getaway for nature lovers. Moreover there are a lot of hikes and treks to viewing points and waterfalls which helps you explore the place. Sit with your laptop with a coffee mug in your hand and a view to enjoy around you!

Recently many good properties have been developed here and some great accommodations with plantations all around are a perfect workation spots. Network connectivity is also great here.

3. Bir


Bir in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect workation getaway for adventure lovers. This small town is located 50km southeast of Dharamshala. The monasteries around the town shows a lot of Tibetan influence. Being one of the best paragliding spots in India, this place draws thrill-seekers from around the world. Trekking, mountain biking and lust green nature will keep you indulged in the spirit of Bir along with your work. 

There are a lot of hostels to stay at where you will get s good wifi too. Decent homestays are also a great choice for Bir. 

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4. Mcleodganj

Working around in a hippie village sounds fun? Here’s Mcleodganj for you. Located in the Himachal, this small hippie town has been a top attraction for tourists, especially foreigners. There is a lot to explore here.

Mcleodganj is popular and hence has a lot of options for accomodation. Wifi are available in most of the cafes here.

5. Goa


Would you like to enjoy the sun kissed beaches while working? Well, Goa is just the place you are looking for. Enjoy the beaches of Goa, visit the portugal style churches, indulge in goan culture, party all night and the list goes on. Spare some time to visit the small interior villages of Goa to get the best experiences which you miss during your travels. Indeed, a perfect place for  workation in India!

Goa, being a tourist place has abundant places to stay. While I would recommend staying a bit away from the touristy Goa, you have a lot of options to choose. There are also some work stations here, so you don’t have to worry about your office vibes too.

6. Varkala


If you are a person who loves working with a beach view, Varkala is a great choice for destination working. The multi-cuisine cafes at the cliff caters all your needs. From beaches, forts and backwaters, there is so much to explore in Varkala. Also famous for surfing, you can take surfing lessons during workation to make it more productive.

A lot of great hostels, hotels and villas are available at cheap prices here. 

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7. Darjeeling


Darjeeling is a famous getaway spot for travellers. This picturesque lush green hill station has some great breathtaking views. You can enjoy the scenic Darjeeling toy train journey. Also being known for its tea plantations, workation here is going to be unique. Work while having a sip of your favourite tea and enjoy the views of green mountains. 

Darjeeling has some great accommodation options where you can easily find wifi for your work.

8. Kondaikanal

The cool and misty weather and the scenic beauty of Kondaikanal are the best part of working at Kodaikanal. This small hill station in Tamil Nadu can be your ultimate workation getaway. Row in the lake, trek to some of the waterfalls, enjoy the views and have an adventure of a lifetime at the safaris in the forest.

You can easily find a decent stay with good internet connectivity here and can definitely balance your work and vacation.

9. Shillong 


This place is not less than a heaven right now. Being one of the less explored places by tourists, it has still preserved its natural beauty. And mind it, visit this place before it gets flooded with tourists. What more do you need while working in nature’s lap? You can explore the unexplored Meghalaya keeping base at Shillong. 

While there are not abundant choices for stays, few great options are always available. Some places may not have great internet connectivity here, so do your research about connectivity at your stay before booking.

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10. Dharamshala


This popular town is a great workation spot if you want to escape the chaos of the city. Sitting in the lapse of nature, Dharamshala is a place to sit back and work in a relaxed manner. The hospitality of the locals, the breathtaking views of himalayas and the calmness of this place makes it a perfect workation place. 

Dharamshala also has good accommodation options and finding good wifi connectivity should not be a problem here.


Finally, I would like to conclude by saying treat it as workation only. Don’t try to hurry your travels and keep moving to different places. Keep the places cleaner. Stay safe during the pandemic and support the local businesses. 

So, where are you heading for your workation in India? Comment down below, I would definitely love to hear it!

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