The year 2020 had completely smashed the travel industry. Hopefully, the pandemic is at its end and 2021 will see the rebirth of travel once again. But, the travel trends are not the same now. Let’s take a look at the upcoming travel trends that will define 2021.

Before planning your travel, read these guidelines from Government of India regarding travel restrictions (updated regularly).


The pandemic has made work from home convenient. Work from home will change to workation in no time. 2020 showed us it is possible to work beyond office space and millennials will definitely use this opportunity to their benefit! A laptop will have its place in the backpack and work will continue with great landscapes.

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Road Trips

Road trips are a comeback now due to pandemic. People will be more insecure about crowded buses and trains which will lead to more and more road trips. This will be accompanied by hassle-free journeys and more pit-stops during the journey.

Booming of Local Tourism 

Domestic tourism will emerge widely rather than international tourism as it is more safe and follows with the trend of road trips. Also, these will not require complex processes and medical tests will be good for travellers.

Off Grid Travel

Travellers will choose more off grid destinations rather than touristy places to avoid crowds. More ‘into the wild’ places will be discovered and will expand tourism. This will also lead to more homestays and airbnb’s than hotels with more crowds.

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New Age Travel Bubbles

Nations will take time to open its doors for the world and this means there will be more and more travel bubbles. Nations will continue forming more travel bubbles and small scale travel will continue for some time.

Regenerative Travel

Travel was looked at as a luxury in the past. But this lockdown and the stresses have broken the myth. People will see travel as a part of their lifestyle to maintain good health. Travel will be deemed necessary for its regenerative nature. People will prefer vacations closer to nature.Tourists and hosts alike will become far more conscious about hygiene and maintaining cleanliness. Substandard hygiene won’t be acceptable in 2021.

Sustainable Travel

The pandemic has made people realize the effects of their wrong actions upon earth. This will help make travel much more sustainable. Travellers now, will consider the effects of their actions beforehand and make good and eco-friendly choices. 

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The travel will be digitized to a great extent and the hotel industry will undergo digital changes. Check in and checkout will become contactless. Payments have already started becoming online and the cash transactions will reduce dramatically. 

2021 shows some great trends in the travel industry and we hope it continues to boom. There are a lot of livelihoods dependent on the travel industry and these new travel trends will help them come back on the tracks.

Comment down below which other travel trends do you think will emerge in the travel industry.

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