New year is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than by going to new and dazzling destinations. The coming of the new year is a perfect opportunity to get away from familiarity, especially with those that are close to you, and enjoy a day or two at a new place with an infectious atmosphere. Lets check out some New year places in India to make your celebratory season more entertaining than ever!

Note: If you are traveling to places in India to celebrate new year during coronavirus, please ensure that you follow Covid-19 travel guidelines as per the state and take all safety precautions during your travel. 

Before planning your travel, read these guidelines from Government of India regarding travel restrictions (updated regularly).

1. Goa

Goa is the top choice for New Year celebration in India. Cheap beer, exotic beach-side stay, live music and night long parties are things that attract youngsters to get rocking at the new year celebration in Goa. Almost every location hosts parties that continue till the wee hours of the morning

Make sure you plan your trip right now because you’re likely to find trains, planes and hotels fully booked as you approach New Year’s Day.


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2. Mumbai /Delhi

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and Delhi is a hub of party freaks and both are  best places to celebrate New Year in India.From drinks, songs, lights, and dance, there is so much to enjoy here. With some of the most elite and expensive parties, one can enjoy the eve either at a private lounge or at exclusive night clubs.  Visit these cities for an all around fun New Year’s Eve.


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3. Manali

Manali may be too ‘touristy’ for some, but it is still an amazing new year destination. This town is a gorgeous place to begin your New Year.  Go skiing, make snow angels on soft snowy blankets everywhere, breathe the smell of fresh pine trees, visit fruit orchards and maybe brush shoulders with a few hippies for those crazy parties. You can also go shopping at the markets.


Celebrating New year in Manali

4. Udaipur

Known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is yet another best New Year party destination in India. This city is filled to the brim with marvellous palaces, hotels and resorts where you can make your new year special. If  you would like a taste of the past in royal style, head to Udaipur this New Year’s Eve.


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5. Pondicherry

Just like Goa, Pondicherry is a happening place where parties continue till the next morning on New Year’s Eve. So you can head out to beach parties and dance all night to spectacular EDM music.  Celebrate the new year in Pondicherry and make it a lifetime memory.


6. Ooty

Do you wish to welcome New Year in peace and away from the jam-packed destinations in India, then Ooty is one of the best places to visit on new year. For New Year’s trips in India, this may be the best idea. From family-friendly events to rave parties, and multi-course meals; there is everything here for New Year’s Eve 2021. Ooty boasts about several phenomenal venues that host New Year’s events and parties.


7. Gulmarg

Those who want to welcome the New Year in the lap of nature come to this city.The town is especially for those who like snow and silence. Indulge into skiing at the slopes of Gulmarg.This place is definitely a heaven for nature lovers and one of the best places for new years.


8. Kasol

This small town in Himachal Pradesh will get you high on its picturesque beauty, and there is always this colourful, happy and party vibe in this place. Kasol is the Goa of the north; you just have to replace the greens and the beaches with rivers and mountains. Also, unlike Goa, this party is in a chilly atmosphere. Kasol is famous among tourists on New Year’s Eve.


9. McLeodganj

Situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the little town of Mcleodganj is as good as ever during New Year’s eve. It is one of the best places for the perfect new year getaways. This famous hill station boasts several astounding sightseeing places, classic cafes, and unique Tibetan souvenirs. If you are looking for peaceful surroundings and want to experience a different culture then McleodGanj is one of the most beautiful destinations in India to celebrate the New Year. 


10. Gokarna

Some of the best new year celebrations in India occur in Gokarna, the rave town in Karnataka. Yet another beautiful beach destination that is still untouched by touristy commercial activity and offers a serene environment for a relaxing holiday. It is truly called the second Goa and this is so true. You can enjoy the same kind of Goa beach party here, with less tourists.


Note: If you are traveling to places in India to celebrate new year during coronavirus, please ensure that you follow Covid-19 travel guidelines as per the state and take all safety precautions during your travel. 

Are you ready to explore these best New Year destinations in India? So, which of these places are you heading to make your celebratory season a blast?

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